What is an Intuitive Session?

We each possess the ability to tap into our own inner wisdom, but sometimes our emotions and misbeliefs muddy the waters. When this happens, we may need some help to find the direction we need.

Often we’re looking for a specific short-term answer, but the very best outcome for us as eternal beings might look very different. We could be misreading the underlying issue, or perhaps we simply can’t imagine the possibilities available to us.

Together we’ll look at what is being shown, see what resonates, seek the truth in the situation, and explore a path forward.

How Does It Work?

I offer three types of intuitive sessions:
* Email readings
* Readings via phone or via a meeting service called Zoom
* 1:1 Soul-Led mentoring sessions via Zoom

Intuitive Readings via Email

In an intuitive reading, I ask the divine for insights on your behalf and share what’s conveyed. It’s really that simple. I just watch and listen for the requested information, then pass on the message with love and encouragement. This is something you can learn to do for yourself, but sometimes our emotional investment tends to block our clarity.

When you book an intuitive reading, I’ll ask you for your question(s) and share the impressions that come through. If you schedule a live session I will send you information for our connection via phone or Zoom on the day of your appointment. If you schedule an email reading I will respond within 48 hours of your appointment via email.

I work with various tools that are reflections of the infinite source—symbols, visions, holy guides, and sometimes, beings and events that transcend time and realms. These are simply additional ways beyond our five senses that are available for us all to access information. In my mentoring programs I teach these intuitive techniques. Anyone can learn them with care and practice—as I did during years of study with my own teachers.

Because you’re so much more than your body, personality, thoughts, emotions, and experiences in this space and time, we’ll look at the information that comes through from the perspective of your soul. Together with the divine, we’ll look at energetic patterns that are not in flow, and explore misbeliefs that may need releasing.

Soul-Led Mentoring Sessions

Soul-led mentoring sessions are interactive working sessions where we address a situation for which you need clarity, and/or explore a goal or outcome you desire. During our session I will likely ask you specific questions about your own perspectives that are meant to bring about insights that motivate and encourage you.

Sometimes one session is all you need. If you’d like to work together over time, you can reserve multiple sessions (30 or 60 minutes each) as you prefer.

Prior to our session I will send you instructions on how to join our meeting on Zoom via the Internet or via phone. You do not need to create your own Zoom account to participate.

What Happens Next?

If you’ve reviewed the sections above and agree to approach our session from a genuine place of curiosity and openness, we may proceed. Please read the Client Agreement before you schedule a session. All registrations and payments are final—there are no refunds, although sessions may be rescheduled if needed.

“I have experienced Susan’s intuitive qualities first hand. In her caring way she has healed me and put my mind at ease. She is very accurate in her readings. I was not a believer in intuitive readings but now I do. Susan has a big role to play in this. She has helped me with my real estate deals, with relationships that I could not understand and with my family situations. It is so easy to talk to her. In her kind, honest and understanding ways she uses her intuitive power to help and heal. To me it is a mystery and her accuracy has often baffled me. The funny thing is even if I don’t tell her anything she often senses things and it almost feels like somehow she knows the depth of a situation. – LGB, Colorado”

“Susan’s reading for me was so insightful and accurate (even though at the time I kept thinking “yeah…right”). She took the time to make me comfortable with her process and then gave me a really thoughtful and detailed reading. I’m definitely going to use her on a consistent basis – highly recommend.” – Sue, Raleigh, NC

“I was totally, utterly impressed with Susan’s intuitive reading for one of my rental properties. She identified not only the energy within the home but also with the different tenants we had, identified the cause/source of the disharmony and was able to clear the energy. Wow! I chose the one hour session, which had I asked for the session 6 months prior, it could have saved me 6 months of grief ! I highly recommend Susan’s readings/clearings and will definitely be consulting her in the future!” – D.C., Princeville, Kauai