What if we’re wrong about the way the world really works?

From a young age I was drawn to the natural world—trying to make sense of it and seeking to understand the people here with me.

Along the way, I experienced some things that just didn’t line up with what I was taught about “the way things are”. And that made me very curious.

I’ve learned that “what isn’t real” often is, and what is real isn’t always so. I’ve learned that nothing is impossible, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, or even best.

I’ve learned we have an amazing life force that can be built up, depleted, or used for healing ourselves and others—even for healing animals and plants, and impacting situations and seemingly inanimate objects.

I’ve learned that my idea of God, and my world, and everything in my world was falsely constrained (by moi, of course), and that the possibilities are so numerous and exciting that I can scarcely breathe with the anticipation of more and more discovery. Along these lines, I’ve learned that each of us has a deep source of valid, inner wisdom that isn’t always the same as what we deem as logical. Or what we’re told is logical.

I’ve learned to find serenity in the simplest of moments and spaces, having removed everything that isn’t serenity, without lifting a finger.

I would love to walk beside you on your journey to find your own wisdom and peace—and more than that, to challenge you to rediscover your own true identity. I do this, with love, in three ways: coaching, teaching, and mentoring.

  • I’ve studied science my whole life. Lately, it’s Physics.

  • I’m certified in Qigong and three degrees of Reiki because I’m fascinated with the effectiveness and practicality of the energy arts.

  • I’ve been a software and data technology professional for over 30 years.

  • I play nine instruments. Some adequately. Some barely. But all, just for me.

  • I had recurring dreams about our four adopted children for twenty years until I met them.

  • I’ve had countless experiences that I can’t yet explain with what I’ve been taught about science and nature.

  • I’ve worked as a consultant to bring new products and services to market for over 30 years.

  • I’ve been “working from anywhere” on and off since the 1980s—before it was fashionable.

  • I was a tap-dancer for almost 12 years.

  • I love to cook (and eat) culturally authentic food—especially the dishes favored by the “peasants”.

  • It took great courage and more than 50 years to fully trust my intuitive abilities.

Get into flow. Feel vibrant. Uncover possibilities.